Weekly and Annual Practice

1. Monday Zen Group

7.10 pm persons that come for the first time

7.25 pm persons that have already received instructions

the Zen space is open from 6.45 pm

door closes 7.35 pm

we finish at 9.30 pm

Periodic organization of sesshins and meditation retreats

We try to organize around four intensive meditation retreats in the year with qualified teachers that generally come from abroad and who belong to important transmission lineages in the West. In Montaña Despierta we do not have resident teachers, so the teachers we invite constitute our support and orientation within the practice. They help us to remain faithful to an appropriate code of ethics and mode of practice. They all are warm-hearted teachers that appreciate closeness and are therefore available for all our questions in all of the areas.

In general these retreats last between three and five full days and are non-residential, although we have the possibility of offering sleeping accommodation to seven people in the meditation center in dormitory and monastic type cubicles. The maximum amount of people that can participate in these retreats is 28.